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What is Self Directed IRA?


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Free IRA educational online videos on a variety of self directed IRAs.

New Direction IRA is one of the only Self Directed IRA providers that centers its services around continuing education. Our clients enjoy educating themselves on self directed investing and value the content we create at no cost. While we still offer plenty of live events for personal interaction, investors enjoy our IRA Videos so much that we've compiled all of our recorded footage and made them available to our clients and future clients here in the On-Demand Self Directed IRA Video Library. To view a video, choose a selection below and make sure your speakers are turned on. You can also narrow your video search by selecting an investment topic or category.

New Direction IRA does not offer investment, tax, financial or legal advice to clients. Individuals who believe they need advice should consult with the appropriate professional(s) licensed in that area. This section of our website is devoted to providing clients and potential clients with educational information regarding self directed IRA accounts and possible investment scenarios. This content is in no way intended as investment or legal advice.

Self Directed IRA Video Library
IRA education

Introduction To Self Directed IRA Investing - Invest in What You Know

This FREE online seminar discusses the truly self directed IRA, including the Real Estate IRA. Learn how to invest in Real Estate, Precious Metals, Private Placements, Loans, LLCs and more with your retirement money. Important tips for preserving IRS permitted tax savings with these investments.

  IRA education

Introduction to Real Estate IRA Investing

The majority of retirement investors are unaware that IRAs can directly invest in real estate. Join us for an eye-opening introduction into the world of self-directed IRAs. Learn how an IRA can participate in real estate and the rules associated with that participation. We will discuss the types of real estate assets that are available to these accounts as well as how an IRA can invest without having the full purchase price of a property.

IRA education

Owning Precious Metals in your IRA/401K

This FREE online seminar discusses investing in GOLD and other precious metals through an IRA/401(k). Take 30 minutes and learn how you can secure your retirement plan wealth by diversifying with precious metals. Will your retirement funds be safeguarded from inflation? Financial professionals across the globe all agree that asset diversification is the key to success. To reduce the risks of investing, many professional suggest the purchase of precious metals to diversify investments among different securities or asset classes. 

IRA education

Private Money Lending with your IRA

Real estate investing in Individual Retirement Accounts will be the focus of a friendly, live Web event, open to all, as New Direction IRA sheds light on a safe and potentially high-yielding alternative to the roller coaster ride of financial markets. The basics of becoming your own investment bank using your IRA or 401k savings will be discussed including the IRS rules governing tax savings related to such investments. This presentation is perfect for those who are considering hard money lending as an alternative retirement plan investment and want to learn the basics to decide if it is the right investment for their plan.

IRA education

Foundations Of Self Directed IRAs

This video describes IRA basics and advantages to self directed IRA. Learn how you can benefit from self directed IRA investments in real estate, precious metals...

IRA education

Build Wealth Through Health with an HSA

Reduce your health care costs with a Health Savings Account. While most HSAs provide only savings or money market accounts, limiting what your HSA can earn, a self directed HSA can earn more by investing in precious metals, real estate, mortgages, limited partnerships, mutual funds and more.

IRA education

10 Ways to Invest for Retirement

This introductory webinar offers investors a comprehensive understanding of the true flexibility available with a self directed IRA. Learn alternative investment choices that are outside of the stock market. Topics discussed will include: Real Estate Properties, Land, Oil and Gas, Precious Metals, Foreign Currency, Private Lending,Trees, Private Equity, Green Investing, and Stocks and Bonds. Attend this class and take control of your financial future.

IRA education

Top 7 Ways To Benefit From A
Self-Employed Individual(K) Plan

Since the creation of the Individual 401(k) in 2002 and the addition of the Roth 401(k) provision in 2006, this plan has become a very popular retirement account for self-employed business owners. Join New Direction IRA as we discuss seven great benefits a Self-Directed Individual(k) Plan. The December 31st deadline for new plans and 2013 contribution eligibility is approaching quickly. Take advantage of this year-end event and register now!

IRA education

How To (almost) Protect Yourself From Investment Scams

While risk-free retirement investments do not exist, upfront investigation can help investors uncover and minimize investment risks. Are you investigating your self directed IRA investment opportunities as thoroughly as you should? Attend this webinar to learn valuable techniques for analyzing investments before you buy.

IRA education

UBIT – It's a Good Thing!

Don't let Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) scare you away from making more money in your IRA. Yes, it's true. IRAs sometimes pay tax, too. This eye-opening webinar defines when UBIT applies, how to estimate cost and strategies to avoid it altogether. Sponsored by IRA Tax Services.

IRA education

Swimming With Sharks
Self-Directing via
Checkbook IRA/LLC with Care

Swim with the sharks and the IRS might think you are one. You've heard of Checkbook Control IRAs, they can be appealing, but learn about how others are abusing it. Discuss strategies to stay out of, or to get out of the path of aggressive IRS monitoring of retirement plan schemes. A New Direction expert will also cover the "ROBS" strategy. This class can save you thousands of dollars and eliminate the target on your back!

IRA education

Introduction to Private Equity IRA Investing

In this Level I Presentation, investors discover how to purchase stock in a private company with an IRA/401k plan and get all the associated tax advantages. Small business is the backbone of our nation's economy. Companies such as HP, Merck, IBM, Disney and GE were once private entities that went on to become pillars of the American business landscape. Now you can learn the basics of investing your retirement funds in the next Microsoft, Disney or GE and receive a tax benefit too!

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